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Guitars:  MJ, Fender, Schecter, Yamaha, Washburn
Amps & Effects:  Laney, Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Rotary Sound, Damage Control
Basses:  MTD, Yamaha, Fender
Amps:  Traynor, Tubeworks, SWR
Guitars:  Yamaha, Fender, Parker
Amps & Effects:  Hughes & Kettner, Ampeg, Roland

PA System

Latitude 29 owns a fully equipped and complete PA system, which includes backup and failover systems, ensuring that we don't miss a note, and you don't miss a dance step. We size our PA according to the size of the venue we are playing. Our big system is 2500 biamped watts for the main cabinets and subwoofers, which is by far enough for all but the very largest of outdoor festivals. We also know that with great power comes great responsibility, so we strive to keep our volume at respectable levels. Our equipment is extremely well maintained - we do have an electrical engineer in the band.

Our PA System primarily consists of:

  • Behringer MX3282A mixer
  • Peavey amplification (these will and have run underwater!)
  • Peavey cabinets, subs and monitors
  • Alesis/Peavey/Behringer outboard processing
  • Shure/AKG/Behringer microphones

For smaller functions, we'll use a Mackie powered mixer with the Peavey main cabinets, or a mix of gear that will be just right for your function.

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